I know, I know. I only returned to blogging last week and already I am out of ideas for new posts. As per usual, my mind has been preoccupied by other unavoidable duties (i.e. the ever consuming career). 

It has been an extremely busy week and I have kept on saying to myself that I need to start drafting a new post. Now at quarter to 6 I am sitting in a hotel, after being whisked away for a much needed romantic break, and the only thing I can think to write about is how uninspired I am!

This is probably a very boring post for you guys, but I hope that you can appreciate my commitment to only delivering great content. I do not want to write something just to say that I have posted this week. I would rather give you this short random piece and come back next week with a quality post that I have taken some time over.

So here is to next week, which will hopefully be less stressful, and more Voices Unsilenced content!

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