A poem for New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina (2005)

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Kanye West’s response to Hurricane Katrina during live TV fundraiser.

The music pulsates through the bustling street,
Passersby can’t help but dance to the rhythmic beat,
Not a care in the world, not a worry in sight,
The party goes on well into the night.

The sweet smells of Southern cooking fill the air,
Causing all who come to stop and stare,
At the seasoned chef who has always stood proud,
Over the New Orlean streets and its bustling crowd.

Then suddenly the laughter is replaced by a scream,
The residents wonder if it’s all a bad dream,
Water and wind are the only things they see,
And “Bush doesn’t care about black people” airs on live TV.

They’re told that the destruction was an act of God,
And those we should trust just silently nod,
In agreement to what some know is a terrible lie,
Because it’s no coincidence who they left to die.

The once lively streets now run with blood,
Caused by politics, deceit and a convenient flood,
Those who survived are still hurting deeply,
It’s not all fun and games in The Big Easy.

A poem for New Orleans

By Shaurna Cameron

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