#SandraBland (2015)

“Whatever situation you’re dealing with, God can block it and it will be okay” Sandra Bland.


It’s been a long time since I spoke to you, but there was no one else for me to talk to. Whenever her name is mentioned, angry debates ensue and we forget that a life was lost.

I turn on the TV and watch intellectuals argue about mental illness and modern day lynchings. On social media endless conspiracy theories flood my timeline.

140 characters can’t express the confusion that has been consuming me for the last 20 days. I can’t use a hashtag to to explain my frustration with those who have let their personal grievances overshadow a meaningless arrest and the subsequent loss. That’s why I needed to speak to you Lord.

I’m greiving for someone I didn’t know. I’m greiving for a death that I don’t  know the cause of. Whether she made the choice to hang herself or died at the hands of another, I’m greiving for a family who can’t rest until they know the truth.

I know that you won’t provide me with the answers. It’s not my place to know. But, please end this race war before it threatens anymore lives. Let us be safe in the streets, in our homes and in the hands of law enforcement.

If that officer had shown some compassion who knows if I would be asking for your help now. If his ego hadn’t overshadowed his judgement maybe we wouldn’t need a hashtag.


By Shaurna Cameron

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